May 8

A few days ago Fleamarketfunk blogged about digging in your own crates of records, “You will most likely be pleasantly surprised at what you find”, indeed.

I’ve been trying to, at last… after 30 years, catalog, organize, properly clean and store (and listen to) all of the records I have collected. I’m almost there! I have done around 600 records, and have just a few crates and stacks left to go!

One that jumped out because, A. I had no recollection of acquiring this record; B. I really liked this artist and; C. it was short, so I could listen to it early this morning before work was…

Michael Penn ‎– This & That 12” promo backed with an acoustic version of the song No Myth.

  1. Released in 1990… that was before my DJ days so where on Earth did I come by a promo? Plus, this thing is pristine! If someone played it, they were vinyl friendly.
  2. The album March by Michael Penn was one of my favorite CDs of the late 1990s. I remember the pre interwebs days when you had to rely on Rolling Stone or Kurt Loder to give you background on artists, songs and records… Michael was Spicoli’s brother! I loved the first single No Myth… it was a refreshing singer/songwriter tune in a world of rap, hair bands and Garth Brooks played in heavy rotation on Armed Forces Radio in Europe.
  3. This is a 33 1/3 RPM 12” single… This & That on side A and No Myth “Acoustic Version” on side B. About 7 1/2 minutes total. Easy to get all in before work.

This & That was just the CD version, no surprises there, but the “Acoustic Version” of No Myth was new to me… and not acoustic at all! Overdubs, strings, synth… the original track, a stepped down Penn and guitar, may have been “acoustic”, but the finished product here? Not so much. There are many other truly acoustic versions of this on YouTube and elsewhere. I’d stick with those, not this one:

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