May 16

One benefit (among many) of having married a music lover is: they are likely to understand your coming home from a quick trip to “the store” with an armload of vinyl (and very few groceries) if you bring them a Queensrÿche ‎record occasionally:

I found this 12″ promo single of I Don’t Believe In Love in one of those antique mall places… a collective of several local antique dealers under a single roof.

One seller had an impressive amount of 70’s and 80’s rock records and memorabilia, mostly overpriced for my thrift store sensibilities… but, at only five bucks for a combo gift for my wife and blog fodder, this seemed reasonable.

Side 1 is the 4:23 minute Operation: Mindcrime version. Side 2 is a 5:36 minute extended version. The record looks and plays perfectly and the jacket is near perfect as well. I have to say, the recording itself leaves a little to be desired.

At least on the Mindcrime version, the music seemed very compressed, almost like it was coming out of set of PC speakers. Side 2 played a little better, but still seemed off in comparison with the sound of the LP. Regardless, she smiled when she found it and I earned some brownie points!

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