May 21

I took my copy of Marvin Gaye ‎– What’s Going On for granted. I treated it like an EP. I recorded the songs What’s Going On, Mercy Mercy, Right On and Inner City Blues to a mixed cassette and disregarded the rest.

That album and cassette are long gone… traded, sold or stolen; I was What’s Going On-less for decades… until now!

Tamla/Motown re-released the record as a 180 gram vinyl record in 2008. It’s now $19.98 and includes a free MP3 download… how can you go wrong?!?

Two things I hadn’t remembered struck me as I listened to this record. One was that the album was cut with song segueing into song with no dead wax space in between separate tracks. Second was how spiritual the record was… I never realized just listening to my taps dub cassette.

War, poverty, police brutality, love, hope… I guess some things never change. If you don’t have your old copy, or are looking for a used copy in thrift stores and yard sales (as I was) just give up and ORDER THIS RECORD ON 180 GRAM VINYL!!! It is well worth the expense.

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