May 23

Prog rock and I have a troubled past. I’ve tried, really I have, to get into it. The Strawbs, ELP, Yes… I’ve had friends and family members, whose musical taste I’ve greatly admired, turn me on to some prog rock band or the other. All these attempts have failed.

The most recent example is the band Rare Bird, and the LP As Your Mind Flies By.

I had listened to it, half-heartedly, a month or so ago, while washing records… I put it aside to give it a closer listen at a future date. I pulled this record out on a recent morning when my wife and I were getting ready for a trip. Maybe it was a poor choice of timing, but this record just fell flat for us.

By all means, if your taste trends toward organ based prog rock, give this band a try! They only released five records, so collecting them all should be a snap. There’s a copy of As Your Mind Flies By at the local used record store up for grabs.

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