May 24

Part of this 365 Days of Vinyl is to “spend a part of each day of 2015 with vinyl records… Listening to some music on vinyl, picking through dusty crates of albums, buying or selling some records”.

I’ve almost blown it once, but my mother (bless her heart) bailed me out:

Today was another dilemma. My wife and I headed out of town to visit family for Memorial Day. Being away from home, the option of listening to some music on vinyl was out, so the picking, buying or selling were the only options.

Being a Sunday on a holiday weekend complicated matters.

I sheepishly admitted to my wife that I was concerned about falling short after 140+ days. I shouldn’t have worried! She had found a thrift store, near our destination in north central Montana, that would be open upon our arrival!

My Memorial Day pick includes some funky ‘80s R&B, a couple of albums from the Southern rock/funk/fusion jam band Sea Level… an offshoot of the Alman Brothers Band featuring Chuck Leavell, a Joe Beck jazz/fusion LP, a live album from Renaissance and a Sergio Mendes Trio record.

But, the record I was most excited to find was a 1968 Volt Records copy of Otis Redding ‎– The Dock Of The Bay:

My copy is pretty beat up… with significant marks and scratches and a water damaged cover. But it’s still an Otis freeking Redding LP, and I’m happy I found it!

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