May 26

At a recent thrift store pick I found 20 European pressings of American pop/jazz and easy listening records, all circa 1968-1973:


Most of these titles I would have never bought, but a few stood out. There was a London Records version of Roy Orbison ‎– Big O:

…and a couple of Harry James LPs. Those are the ones I found first by looking at the covers. But then I noticed a difference between what I would consider a “normal” record jacket (like those found on most US records) and these UK/German record jackets… the European jackets were slicker, shinier and used a thinner stock of paper.

After I had the feel down, the European pressings were easy to find!

I know some audiophiles prefer the sound of UK pressings (first pressings) of bands that were first recorded in the UK… the master disks were thought to be superior to those copied and shipped to other countries for subsequent pressings. But these were American acts and European pressings… are they inferior to the original US pressings?

I also know that, for most popular artists, US pressings were quite common as compared to pressings from other countries, and are therefore more valuable to collectors. But, would this hold true with artists such as Engelbert Humperdinck, Mantovani and Liberace?

Turns out not so much… Discogs shows some fairly decent asking prices for some of these records, but few or zero ever sold.

Oh well, they’re all in great shape. I’m sure I’ll get my $0.49 out of them one way or another.

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