May 28

The legend goes something like this; a blues/tex-mex/rock band from San Antonio adopts a Beatle-esque persona to capitalize on the nascent British Invasion. Due to a pronounced Texas drawl, the band members avoid recorded interviews to preserve the façade. To add a sense of mystery (and disguise the Hispanic heritage of two members), their debut album (cunningly titled “The Best Of”) has a cover photo of five shadowy, mop-topped musicians… features indistinguishable. Finally, name yourselves something Britishy sounding and the ruse will be complete!

I give you The Best Of The Sir Douglas Quintet:

Formed by Texas music veteran Doug Sahm and his friend Augie Meyers, the band is probably best known for the tune She’s About a Mover… a #13 hit on the Billboard Hot 100:

Sahm and Meyers went on to play on many famous records of the 70s, produce for the likes of Willie Nelson, write and tour. In the 1990s they teamed up with Freddy Fender, and Flaco Jimenez to form the band Texas Tornados.

3 thoughts on “May 28

  1. I’d heard of these guys, but for some reason had assumed they were a jazz quintet! After a quick listen on Spotify I stand corrected – they’re not bad at all. Nice retro organ sounds.


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