June 4

So, here I am, back to the beginning, Led Zeppelin – IV Deluxe Edition Remastered Vinyl:

This was the first LZ album I ever owned. I’m sure I heard some of these songs before… but I didn’t know the songs. Before I ever owned a LZ album I learned how to play the intro to Stairway to Heaven on the guitar (pre Wayne’s World prohibition…):

So, this album has been with me for a long time. The Deluxe Edition Remastered Vinyl picks up the packaging promo photos and live concert photo again:

The companion disc’s eight songs mimic the tracking of the original album… eight alternate mixes or backing tracks.

I have to say, after the revelations on III, this companion disc was a bit of a let down. Page has slipped into a routine of slow song = backing track and heavy song = alternate mix. I actually listened to this companion disc twice, once actively, trying to pick out changes, and once passively; while actively listening I could hear differences with the originals… different overdubs or intros/outros, etc. But, while listing passively, I couldn’t really tell! Some tracks I missed the Plant vocals, but there was no revelation or epiphany.

Once again, I’m glad I listened to this companion disc, but I doubt it will see much turntable action in the future.

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