June 11

On this date in 1967, an ad appeared in Melody Maker: “Freaky lead guitarist, bass and drummer wanted for Marc Bolan’s new group. Also any other astral flyers like with car’s amplification and that which never grows in window boxes, phone Wimbledon 0697.”

The band that formed as Tyrannosaurus Rex, went on to become T Rex.

I found a copy of T. Rex ‎– Electric Warrior at a yard sale a while back:

The jacket was in good condition, but the vinyl had been played on an automatic record changer and was dull and hopelessly scuffed/scratched. To boot, the poor thing was warped into a dish shape so badly that, by the middle of track two, the tone arm on my turntable smacked into the outer edge of the vinyl. But, for $0.25 I had to try, right?

I’ll retire this copy to dust bin, but keep the jacket as a memento, or maybe a wall hanger for the music room?

4 thoughts on “June 11

  1. Electric Warrior is such a great album. I confess I layed out twenty bucks for a repressing, but it’s one of the albums that convinced me to abandon digital for vinyl a few years back.


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