June 13

I have a problem. The weather here turned unseasonably warm and my stash of picked vinyl could no longer be safely stored on a shelf in the garage… behind my truck… out of sight of my wife. They had to come inside.

It had to be 1000 records… rock, jazz, country… all grungy, dank and dusty… the accumulated pick from the past six months all piled in an out-of-the-way corner of the basement. I was too ashamed to take a picture….

My name is Mark and I have a vinyl addiction.

“Is there something you need to tell me?” she asked sweetly as we cleaned up from dinner. “I can explain!” I said. “These aren’t all from today. No! You see, I’ve been out picking these in my spare time for the past few months! You see, rather than do yard work, or fix things around the house that need fixing, or keep on top of other household chores… I bought 1000 records!”


“BBBut, they’re not all for me! I’m trading them in to the record store for store credit! So I can get MORE records!”

(She shakes her head) “Well, as long as they’re not all from today…”

These things need to go, so a marathon record cleaning, sorting and Discoging adventure to get these things out of my house and into the record store was required!

Coincidentally, I’m a bachelor this weekend, so… a few beers, some record cleaning fluid and some newly scrubbed vinyl is all I need for a party! But what to play? It’s all new to me, so I went for some stuff that looked like fun:


I dug into a crate of 12” singles from some has-been D.J. Most were late ‘80s or early ‘90s funk/disco, with a bit of hip-hop thrown in for good measure. Most of these were from the U.K., but some from the Netherlands, France and Belgium too. There were also a few 33 1/3 compilation records in there, mostly extended versions or instrumental versions of the same kind of stuff that was on the singles.

There was even a copy of the Was (Not Was) record (there was!)

Anyway, the entertainment lasted until the wee hours… the beer, not so much. The best parts of the adventure entailed swapping 33 1/3 records with 45 records but forgetting to swap the turntable speed to correspond with the playing disc…

Now that I have that taken care of, maybe I should clean the bathrooms?

3 thoughts on “June 13

  1. Ah, geez. This would be like my worst nightmare. Probably my wife’s worst nightmare too. Just as a heads up from your June 12 post–“Then Play On” is an amazing record. I’m sure you’d like to pick up the early Fleetwood Mac on the cheap if possible but, they reissued four of their transitional period records on high grain vinyl. Not super cheap but they all come together for $55ish on Amazon.


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