June 14

It was love at first sight. I met her at the Groove Merchants record store a few months back and was determined to make her mine. Her name is Fisher 400 :


I’ve spent a good chunk of time hoovering up all the decent vinyl records I could find within 20 miles of Spokane since the beginning of the year. The plan was to continue trading records for store credit at this shop until I had enough on the books to cover the asking price.

Even after my recent Led Zeppelin re-issue purchases, I found myself with a substantial credit.

This weekend, spurred on by the loss of storage space for my accumulated finds and the ire of my wife, I made the final push toward my goal. On Friday I took nearly 250 records in… some John Fahey, a few copies of Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, The Seeds, Shadows of Knight… I was 3/4 the way there!

With the light shining at the end of the tunnel, a freshly cleaned and graded batch of ~200 records went to the shop on Saturday afternoon. Unopened copies of Iron Maiden – Live After Death, The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle and КОНЦЕРТ from Billy Joel sweetened the pot. Shocking Blue, The Sky Saxon Blues Band, J.D. Blackfoot, Terry ReidWillie, Merle, Johnny and Waylon were well represented as well.

This was just enough to push my store credit across the finish line!

So, quirky 50 year old me and this quirky 50 year old amp are going to finish off this 365 days of vinyl together!

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