June 16

I don’t know Wishbone Ash. Not one song. Not one member.

I’ve never looked at their Wikipedia page.. until now.

Why? I found myself with a clean copy of No Smoke Without Fire and an open turntable platter this morning… I like what I hear!

This record came my way in the Rush box from a few posts ago and it didn’t have much value for record store credit, so I cleaned it up and added it to The Collection.

Dual lead guitar rock, slightly prog, kinda funky, nice vocals… I think I’m a fan!

The strong opening track, You See Red, had me interested. Stand and Deliver drew me in and the epic-ish final track, The Way of the World, set the hook.

Turns out No Smoke Without Fire is the band’s ninth album, so I have my work cut out finding number one through eight.

5 thoughts on “June 16

  1. If you like this album, you’ve got a real treat coming your way as you check out their earlier work. I grew up with Wishbone Ash as part of my teenage soundtrack and saw them at the Marquee in London in the late 70s. I recently bought the CD Deluxe Edition of ‘Argus’ but would not recommend spending the extra for a BBC Radio session that sounds as though someone is singing out of tune all the way through.

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