June 22

What do you do when you find one of your favorite records, in near mint condition, at your local record store listed for three times what the record is worth?

I chose to bring it home:

My copy of Blind Faith is a 1977 reissue with a brown RSO label. It looks like it had never been played! Can’t Find My Way Home is one of my all time favorite songs and I had this record on my “Must Own” list for the 365 Days of Vinyl.

So, the second most expensive used record I’ve ever purchased in now in The Collection.

9 thoughts on “June 22

    1. I’m at the point where if I see one of the dozen or so records I really want I’ll pay a premium for it… If I find a thrift store copy later, so be it… record store credit! I paid $20 for my Buckingham/Nicks record a few months back and have had some buyers remorse… but I just found a really clean copy for $5 so I’ll flip my first copy on to the next collector.


      1. Got in my copy of Buckingham Nicks for $1.99 in the cutout rack at Peaches records in 1978. I think you have more luck at thrift stores than I do. Every once in a while, but I usually come up empty.


      2. Mine was in one of those antique mall places. Everything was $5, the Perry Como, the Mitch Miller… and this! I spend way too much time in thrift stores, just ask my wife!


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