June 24

A few years back I stopped in an interesting antique store in the little town of Wallace, Idaho. Instead of cutesy doily covered Victorian end tables and colored Pyrex, this place was man cave cool; lots of signage, industrial stuff, architectural salvage… and a big pile of records.

There was a turntable there too, and a receiver tuned to some classic rock station. As I picked up the first record off the pile the proprietor piped up, “Those aren’t for sale. Those are MY records!”

I was in there again a few weeks back. The turntable and receiver were both gone, but the pile of records was right where I had left it. I asked this time and the proprietor said “Yup, they’re for sale, $10 each!”

There were a few interesting things in the pile and everything was in good shape… but $10? Geez. An then I saw it:

Jimi Hendrix ‎– Band Of Gypsys with puppet versions of Jimi, Brian Jones, Bob Dylan and John Peel on the cover; the Puppet Sleeve!

This one was a 1970 original pressing on the Track Records label. The cover was VG but the vinyl did have some scuffs and scratches. Still, I shelled out my $10 and headed for the door.

Now, I’ve had the CD version of Band Of Gypsys for years and, even though I tend to shy away from live recordings, this one is pretty killer.

When I got a chance to listen to it there was quite a bit of crackle (expected) but it didn’t take away from the fact that I HAD A PUPPET SLEEVE COPY OF BAND OF GYPSYS!!! It did sound strange to me though, like the track order was different, or even the recording version was different… I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

I had a few beers, this record started sounding better and better to me… but I was sure this version of Machine Gun was longer than my CD version.

A buddy came over and I played it for him, sounding really good now, but this was definitely a alternate recording from what I had on CD… was the Puppet Sleeve a recording from another performance?

The other day I finally fished out my CD version to compare, I had to get to the bottom of this…

They are exactly the same, I’m just an idiot.


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