June 25

So, I sat down and listened to a commercial stereo speaker demonstration record today. On purpose. For fun:

The thing is called Sessions and it was released by the James B. Lansing speaker company; JBL.

Apparently, in 1973, the booming hi-fi business saw many companies enter into the stereo loudspeaker market. JBL thought that if they could get some facts (wrapped in propaganda, of course) into the hands of potential consumers, the obvious choice of speaker would be JBL. Hi-fi shops would use this record to demo stereo speakers in their stores, then loan out or give away this record to customers who shopped elsewhere or were home-demoing speakers.

The record breaks down several pieces of music into individual instruments and an announcer guides the listener on what to listen for. There’s also a frequency test (I can still hear up to 14kHz!) and a fly on the wall visit to a Hoyt Axton recording session.

This is not for everyone, I’m sure, but I’m obsessed enough to have enjoyed it!

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