June 26

Happy Fleetwood Mac Friday again everybody! Today’s FMF nearly took a back seat to some other, undefined, selection due to the monumental news that the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has decided that the right to marry the person you love, even if you are an Adam and he is a Steve, or you are an Eve and she is an Addison, is universal!


We looked at our FM options and decoded on to select the 1973 release Mystery To Me:

First off, I’ve owned this record for 30+ years and don’t recall ever actually listening to the thing. Second, the reason we chose this album over any other FM record was because it included the song Good Things (Come to Those Who Wait) on side B… seemed like a fitting song title for the event. (More on that later.)

Prepping this record for action the question that most often comes up is: what the fuck is up with that cover art! A crying baboon eating a cake (and a book, apparently) on a beach adorns the front cover… a barefoot sage, sitting on a cement book, one hand on the dictionary, the other giving the Italian hand gesture for “be afraid”… and there’s that penguin again!

The cover art (I just can’t get over it) was credited to “Modula” who the Google machine has little to say about. The cover made several “worst of” lists, but that’s for another blog.

The only song that could be considered a “hit” on this record is the Bob Welch flagship Hypnotized:

But the bulk of this album was really a Christine McVie/Bob Welch collaboration with a bit of Bob Weston thrown in for good measure (specifically the beautiful slide guitar at the opening of the final track, McVie’s Why).

When we got to side B track 5 (listed on the sleeve and on the lyrics sheet as Good Things (Come to Those Who Wait) we were surprised that a Yardbirds cover, For Your Love, came out of the speakers!

Seems the inclusion of For Your Love and the exclusion of Good Things (Come to Those Who Wait) was a late decision and I’m lucky enough to have an early pressing that advertises the latter.

But, in honor of SCOTUS, I’ve pulled this one random line out of the song Believe Me:

In this crazy world we’re in

Is it really such a sin to love you?

I’m talking to you Antonin Scalia (blows a kiss).

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