June 30

I scored a big lot of near mint jazz records a while back. It was a Goodwill find and I was on a lunch break. I’m sure I’m not alone… other record diggers must know the feeling; you have an extra 5 minutes so you pop into a nearby thrift. You’re not expecting to find anything… you never do at this store… and then BAM! You’re walking out with 60 records! (Sorry honey)

I didn’t have time to fully think it through; I was there, there were ~60 big band/swing records in a tub, they were mostly obscure (to me, anyway) names and labels I’d never seen before. Some had never been opened! At $0.50 a pop, I’m taking them home:

Swing Score

Heck, they even threw in the bin!

Eventually it dawned on me… I’m never going to listen to all these records. I have a couple compilations of big band or swing albums. I have a few boxed sets by big named artists… Glenn Miller, Woody Herman, Count Basie. Would I play Jimmie Lunceford more than once?

Anyway, there are a dozen or more on the labels Circle, Hindsight and Giants Of Jazz; Bob Crosby, The Modernaires, Jan Garber, Charlie Spivak, Shep Fields… the list goes on.

Most of these recordings aren’t listed in the Discogs database, so you can bet that they’re fairly obscure. Most are from the late 70s or early 80s, so they contain previously released materials. Many are recordings that were meant as one time radio performances.

I’m going to try and trade them in for record store credit; I’ll let you know how it goes.

One thought on “June 30

  1. Twice a week I have 20 minuted to kill and this is exactly what I end up doing digging around in a thrift stores album mess. I have had to learn some restraint though and tolerance for Helen Reddy and Streisand, Good find hope you make some money


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