July 2

I picked up a pretty clean copy of Rory Gallagher ‎– Blueprint the other day:

This 1973 power trio (plus keyboards) is a pretty bad-ass rock/blues record! Gallagher is rightfully featured front and center on guitar, harmonica and vocals and even backs himself up on sax and mandolin.

Seven of eight songs are Gallagher originals, with a great acoustic cover of the Big Bill Broonzy tune Banker’s Blues thrown in for good measure:

Check out Gallagher’s Wikipedia page; there’s nearly as much written about his equipment as there is about the man himself!

Here’s another video that shows off his famous Strat:

…it doesn’t look (or sound!) too bad for having been stolen out of a van and left abandoned in a ditch for days.

3 thoughts on “July 2

      1. Don’t think you can go wrong there. I often drive past the farmer’s fields where the festival took place so many years ago – it hardly seems real!


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