July 3

One chore that is an important part of this endeavor is sorting through all the records in The Collection with an eye toward what stays and what has to go. I’ve moved at least 200 albums to the chopping block, boxed up and ready to trade in.

But I’m having trouble letting go.

Some of these things I’ve had for more than 30 years and, even though I can’t remember when they last saw the platter of a turntable, there was a reason I bought them, a reason I packed them all over the country (and beyond) and a reason I’ve kept them.

Many have a story.

Some still have price tags of long gone record stores, some were gifts, some were loaned and never returned. Most were thrift store or yard sale finds that I remember a surprising amount of detail about.

So, what’s in the go box?

1. All Greatest Hits: Aerosmith, The , The Mamas and the Papas, Jefferson Airplane, Jethro Tull, Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy, etc. Most of these came from used record stores in the mid 80s. I was feeling around for classic rock that was “new” to me at the time and fished a lot of this stuff out of the $1 bins.

2. The Moody Blues: I just can’t stand that band. Why I bought them in the first place? Nights In White Satin I guess. I had Days Of Future Passed to Seventh Sojourn and everything in between.

3. Emerson, Lake and Palmer: See #2 above. I remember being influenced by an officer in the Air Force who was a big fan. I do really like the first 3/4 of the song From the Beginning… until the Keith Emerson synth bit at the end. Their eponymous debut through Brain Salad Surgery all go (plus an odd copy of Love Beach which I can’t recall ever listening to).

4. Odd 80s records: Mostly won from radio station giveaways or the like… Philip Bailey, Dan Hartman, etc. Un-cool, un-loved, un-played.

5. Scratched, dinged, dented or otherwise flawed albums from AC/DC to Neil Young. They’re all playable, and were fine back in the 80s, but I’d rather listen to clean AC/DC on CD or Spotify than on a scratchy old record. I’ll always have an eye out for clean vinyl copies of my favorite records… but these ain’t them.

These ~200 records netted $100 in store credit. They will overflow the discount bins at Groove Merchants for weeks, months, to come. I hope some 20 something airman with his/her first proper turntable scores big!

Footnote… Yes: Fragile to Yessongs and 90125. I tried, I really tried, to like these records as a 20-something, but they never really took hold. We’ve got tickets to see Yes and Toto this summer, and with the news of Chris Squire’s passing, I did pull these out of the go box… I’ll give them another try as a 50 year old.

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