July 10

Happy Fleetwood Mac Friday! Today’s selection is 1974’s Heroes Are Hard to Find:

This is the final post Peter Green/pre Buckingham-Nicks record was the, ahem, hardest of this era to find…

All tracks on this record were penned by either McVie or Welch. From the brassy “This sounds like Fleetwood Mac” title track (McVie) to the creepy, unbuttoned polyester shirt, gold chain swinging, “hey baby” swagger of Born Enchanter (Welch), this record sounds like the ‘70s!

And that album cover! Weird!

The standout for me was the McVie tune Come a Little Bit Closer with an unexpected appearance by the Flying Burrito Brothers/Jackson Browne steel guitar player Sneaky Pete:

So far, this has been my least favorite album of this era… I’ll have to give it another chance with less distraction…

5 thoughts on “July 10

    1. I did manage to find a clean copy of Future Games a week or two ago. This Hero’s copy popped up this week and my wife decided we should listen to the one “with the creepy cover”. I also found a seemingly un-played copy of Danny Kirwan ‎– Second Chapter that I’m pretty excited about. Thanks for keeping up with my Fleetwood Mac Friday endeavor!

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