July 13

Nothing says “Manly” like changing the oil in your truck while spinning Deep Purple on your garage turntable:

The album is Machine Head from 1972. This record, for me, ranks right up there in the top 10 “Records You Must Own” for basement/rec-room (garage?) blasting at volume 11! From start to finish it is a tour-de-force of potential air guitar, air drum and air organ moments of greatness…  The B side of this record is arguable one of the greatest rock album sides, containing not just the entry level rock guitarist’s favorite Smoke on the Water, but also the bluesy Lazy and the over the top heavy metal masterpiece Space Truckin’.

My scuffed up but totally playable copy really fit the ambiance of the moment; Home from work and tackling some chores… how am I going to fit today’s vinyl experience in with all these things I have to do? Now I just need to find some time to fish out my guitar and practice this for real!

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