July 15

It’s Take Your Vinyl To A Concert Day!


A buddy of mine got me a ticket to see Heart perform at a private event here in Spokane this evening. There was food, there was booze. A good time was had by all.

The band is still great. Unlike many of the classic rock bands we’ve seen recently, Ann Wilson still has a great voice! The harmonies between Ann and Nancy Wilson make a great chorus and really bring those 70s and 80s hits to life:


This is the third time I’ve seen Heart. My very first concert (detailed in my June 21 post), a casino concert two years ago and tonight. They always seem to encore with a set of Led Zeppelin covers and tonight was no exception. They did the Imigration Song, No Quarter and Misty Mountain Hop!

Not from tonight, but here’s a taste of Heart doing Led Zeppelin from 2005:

4 thoughts on “July 15

  1. Lucky Duck!! I love Heart, especially from the early days. Ann can still really belt and Nancy can still really play. They’ve come to the Puyallup Fair a couple times the last few years, and I’ve really felt bad that I missed ’em. Saw them in 1977 as they were getting ready to release Little Queen. Saw Ann as one of the local acts opening EMP.


    1. They are still really good! A few songs I’d never heard, 59 Crunch, which they said was a roadmap on how to play Barracuda was a particular standout. I see they’re playing the fair again this year so you’ll have another opportunity.


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