July 16

I found my second Miles Davis record at a thrift store the other day; a
nearly flawless copy of 1958s Porgy And Bess:

It’s hard to describe the feeling when you come across a true gem like this… you are flipping through so much trash at most thrift stores that when something good pops up it can take your breath away!

Mine seems to be a 1962 repress, which is OK with me. The thing truly
seems to be in VG+ condition bordering on Near Mint. It was the only
decent record in this stack of several hundred, which makes me wonder;
if it came in to this store as part of a collection (like, I assume most
records come to be at the Goodwill) how it has survived for over 50
years without getting the shit kicked out of it?

As a newbie jazz fan and record collector, there is nothing I can say
about this record that would a) do it justice or b) ad any new
information to the reams of data out there regarding this period of
Davis‘ career; his overt collaboration with arranger/conductor Gil Evans.

It’s a beautiful album to look at and even more beautiful to listen to.
These familiar Gershwin tunes fall away to Davis‘ modal improvisations
on trumpet and flugelhorn then are picked up elsewhere by sax, trombone
and tuba.

My advice to you? Roll the volume off a touch before the first note of
track one, The Buzzard Song.

4 thoughts on “July 16

    1. Chuck Mangione is overrepresented in the thrift store shelves, but it’s that freeking Mitch Miller and his gawdawful “sing along with” records that are truly clogging up the works! Honestly, this “Porgy” cover looks very similar to many run of the mill EZ listening records. If it weren’t in such great shape I probably would have skipped right over it.


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