July 17

Happy Fleetwood Mac Friday! Today’s mistimed selection was 1972s Bare Trees:

I say mistimed because the feel of this record was more November than

I know, I know… it ain’t August yet, but here in the Inland Northwest
of the U.S., you’d have to forgive the mistake.

June 2015 was the hottest ever June in the region and July has been
above normal as well. Not only hot, but we’ve been dry as well… nearly
all of Washington State is regarded as in “Severe Drought”:

So, maybe it was a good idea to stare at this album cover and think cold thoughts while listening?

I got this record used on Record Store Day, so it’s been hanging around
since then waiting for a spin. I’d heard two songs from this record
previously; Sentimental Lady (but just the Bob Welch version from French
) and Christine McVie’s Spare Me a Little of Your Love, which I
thought was a Buckingham/Nicks era FM tune…

Here on Bare Trees, Danny Kirwan holds down the bulk of the content with
McVie and Welch credited with two songs each. On second thought,
two of the four Kirwan songs are (mainly) instrumentals, so
songwriter-wise it pretty well balances out. On third thought the Kirwan tune Dust has lyrics based on an existing poem… who can keep track?!?

Anyway, this was the last we’d hear from Kirwan in FM, he’d go on to
release three solo records.

Bare Trees went platinum 16 years after it was released, and I figured
it was the most popular from this period of the band… I’ve even seen
MoFi versions and half speed master versions of it. It was easy to
listen to, but nothing to really get you up and rocking… enjoyable but
mellow. Cool. Perfect for a too hot August-not-August morning!

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