July 26

I’m sorry to break this to you on your birthday, Mick… This probably ain’t gonna’ go over well.

I picked up some of the early-ish Rolling Stones records on my Wallace, ID trip a while back. Specifically:


The Rolling Stones, Now!, December’s Children, Aftermath and Between The Buttons.

I found that I don’t really care for the earlier Rolling Stones stuff.

As one of my buddies put it, “Sounds like a crap Chuck Berry cover band“.

I guess I’m more of a Hot Rocks old stuff, Let It Bleed on album kind of guy.

I hope this doesn’t spoil your special day Mick. All the best.


5 thoughts on “July 26

    1. I grew up in a Beatles family, so those early records mean more to me than the content contained… These early records from the Stones would probably fill that same bill had my older sis and her friends sock-danced to Between The Buttons than Meet The Beatles. Thanks for reading, thanks for the follow!


  1. Oh no! We disagree! Don’t love the early Stones as much as Exile, or Let it Bleed or Sticky Fingers, but Aftermath, with “Paint it Black” and “Lady Jane” is pretty good. They had to learn the Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley stuff before they could figure out how to do themselves. Lots of British Invasion bands were playing Johnny B. Good licks before they could play “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” or “Lola.” But I understand. There is no good or bad music, just the music you like or don’t like.


    1. I’ve had a Hot Rocks greatest hits comp forever and love the RS hits, I just don’t like the stuff in between on these early records. No worries, the vinyl was on great shape and played beautifully. Someone else will really dig these records.


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