July 31

Fleetwood Mac Friday! Yeah!

Today we listened to 1979s double album, extravaganza… Fleetwood Mac ‎– Tusk:

Look, I don’t want to crap all over this record… I’m a FM fan, for crisakes! But it’s hard to look at the great Fleetwood Mac record from 1975 and the even greater Rumors from 1977 and see this follow-up as anything but an overindulgent effort from a power-hungry Lindsay Buckingham.

Don’t get me wrong, the rest of the band followed suit! I mean, just look at the over-the-top packaging… a double album, with a sleeve-inside-sleeve-inside a jacket! The most egregious example of self-worship is the record 1 side 1 sleeve showing a photo of the band… Buckingham looks like a made-up/embalmed Pharaoh while Fleetwood looks like the love child of Robert Plant and Tommy James:

Even so, this album produced two top 10 singles, the title track and the Nicks penned Sara:

There are several other decent McVie and Nicks tunes on this LP, and quite a few weird Buckingham tunes as well. The real beauty of this record is the realization that even an uber-expensive, no-holds-barred, aggrandizeation like Tusk couldn’t contain Buckingham or Nicks.

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