August 1

For this installment of Take Your Vinyl To A Concert Hoping Against Hope That You Will Get An Autograph:


Jackson Browne recently played the local casino. He’s one of my all-time favorites as evidenced by this photo:


All of his 70s and 80s records except, unforgivably, The Pretender. I’ve got two copies of Running On Empty and zero copies of The Pretender?!?

Also pictured is Browne’s latest record, Jackson Browne ‎– Standing In The Breach, which I purchased at the concert merch table… ouch!

All in all, the concert was good… a three out of five. Points were lost due to non-Browne related issues (annoying concert-goers in the seats directly in front of us who WOULDN’T STFU!) and Browne related… he left many of his best and best known songs off of the set list in favor of newer songs and a shorter set.

Notably absent were In The Shape Of A Heart, Somebody’s Baby and (one I was really looking forward too, due to the full band config) The Load-Out:

A pleasant surprise was the presence of Greg Leisz on all the Sneeky Pete parts of the Browne songs:

3 thoughts on “August 1

  1. That must have been a good show, despite the issues. He’s one of my all-time favorites too. I haven’t heard his latest and will look for it. Your post made me think of some previous performances especially the acoustic sets. I like that he plays translations of his songs which are often funny. Pedal steel guitar! Is there anything more beautiful?


    1. It’s not often that you hear a performer and band start a song, the performer stops and says “Awh shi*t!, I was playing the wrong song!” into the mic… It was good. I’ll go and see JB whenever and wherever he is in the neighborhood.

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