August 3

Their first record, Journey, was released on April Fools Day in 1975 to
little commercial or critical success.

One reviewer had this outlook; “they are too mainstream for the
progressive audience and too unfocused for the pop audience.” My VG+
copy was an anniversary gift from my dear wife.

Just trying to listen to a Journey record without envisioning the Steve
Perry era band is a challenge, but after multiple attempts, both
passively and at full attention… I have really started to like this

I’ve always been a fan of Gregg Rolie’s laid back vocal style (a la
Black Magic Woman with Santana) so his being on lead vocals here is fine
be me. Also, the presence of both George Tickner and Neal Schon on
guitar blends really well, especially on the record’s two instrumental
tracks, Kohoutek and Topaz.

This was Tickner’s only appearance as a player on a Journey record. The
band would move forward as quartet until Perry’s debut in 1978.

I guess I would sum it up as a good start. A two guitar prog-rock light
affair with some pop vocals… not necessarily suitable for a road trip
but perfect for a head trip.

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