August 4

One new branch of record collecting on my growing tree of vinyl is bootleg recordings from Taiwan. These are records on labels like Tailee, Taedo or CSJ, described in the Discogs database as:

“Label from Taiwan of doubtful legality. The label catered to US soldiers stationed in Taiwan in the 60’s and 70s. Covers were often photocopied from Japanese or US issues with altered colours. Many releases are on coloured vinyl.”

The quality of the vinyl pressings leaves something to be desired. Many I’ve found have the sonic quality of a tortilla; and the album jacket often contains misprints and mis-translations that are entertaining.

Thrifting in the vicinity of U.S. military bases has been a boon to finding these obscure things. I’ve found a dozen or so this year, some of which are in the Discogs database, some haven’t… here’s my latest find:


Chuck Berry ‎– Chuck Berry’s Greatest Hits. Found in a second hand shop in Great Falls, Montana (where Malmstrom A.F.B. is located.

I love to imagine stories about how some U.S. Serviceman, deployed far east of home, listened to these records… warts and all, and dreamed of his/her rock-and-roll homeland. I’ll have to do a proper post on the portion of The Collection of “doubtful legality” sometime. But for now, let’s listen to Chuck!

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