August 5

Happy anniversary Revolver:

…the Beatles 7th album was released in the U.K. on this date in 1966. Although not my favorite for dumb, sentimental, reasons, I believe this is probably the best Beatles record. Here’s my take:

  1. This middle period, after the band stopped trying to be a Motown Girl group and really came into their own, started with Help, was sprouted with Rubber Soul and blossomed here with Revolver.
  2. This recording happened in a sweet spot during the band’s productive and experimental LSD period… They had some time off due to the failing of a potential new movie, there were new studio technologies available to them, they were tasting the creative freedom that would come their way for the remainder of their recording careers.
  3. Explorations of darker subjects in songs like Eleanor Rigby and She Said She Said opened the door for pop music to delve into any topic available.
  4. Backwards guitars, sitar, sex and drug references… was this the first psychedelic record?
  5. Shortly after this release, during a world tour, the reporting of Lennon’s “Jesus” comment caused a huge U.S. controversy. The band’s final ticketed tour ended at Candlestick Park in San Francisco on August 29, meaning some of these songs were (potentially) among the final to be performed live by the band during that summer.
  6. I love the Klaus Voormann album cover.
  7. One year ago today I saw Paul McCartney live at Grizzly Stadium in Missoula, Montana. (that doesn’t have anything to do with Revolver, I just thought it was a cool coincidence).

Here’s Paperback Writer, a non-album single from the Revolver era from the Candlestick Stadium final performance:

3 thoughts on “August 5

  1. Revolver is probably my favourite Beatles album, so far (I haven’t bought any pre-Rubber Soul albums yet). Tomorrow Never Knows is just incredible, and the other songs just play off each other so well…although I always thought yellow submarine was a little odd, but I never skip it because it is fun! really like this post 🙂


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