August 6

An afternoon phone call…

Ring, ring:

Me: –Hello?

Her: Hey, what is your Discogs password?

Me: Uhhh, (tapity, tap, tap, tap: send) I just sent it to you, why?

Her: Oh, I’ve got an hour to kill… I’m at the Goodwill and I found some vinyl records that seem to be in pretty good shape. I just wanted to make sure you don’t already have them.

Me: I love you!

My wife is now thrifting for records on her days off. I’m a lucky man! Here was her score:

Freshly Picked and Cleaned!

Freshly Picked and Cleaned!

Alabama ‎– Alabama Greatest Hits, Pat Benatar ‎– Get Nervous, Kenny Rogers ‎– Twenty Greatest Hits, and Eddie Money ‎– Where’s The Party?

Besides “Is Bacon OK for dinner?”, “Should our next car be a Hemi?” and “Do you want to watch another Clint Eastwood movie tonight?”… “Should I buy xxxxxx record?” is one of my favorite questions!

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