August 8

Occasionally when record digging you find yourself in unfamiliar territory. For me, one area of uncharted waters is vinyl singles… 7″ 45 RPM records. I just don’t care about them!

  1. I’ll never play them. It’s hassle enough to get up every 22 minutes or so and flip an LP. Every 3 minutes? Too much work.
  2. I don’t collect them so I’d have to become a record re-seller, list each individual 45, vouch for its grade and ship them out to those that do collect them. See the word “hassle” above.
  3. I don’t own a jukebox, or even one of those iconic 45 adapters for my TT, so I couldn’t really listen to the things even if I wanted to.
  4. Most that I see are a sleeveless, grungy mess! I don’t want to spend time cleaning that!

Then, all at once, I’m in my favorite thrift. Right by the checkout is an entire shopping cart of 45s! $1.00 each. I do a cursory dig and find many well known artists from the 50s through the 80s with picture sleeves. Prince, Bon Jovi, Olivia Newton John, etc. I amass a pile of a dozen or so when it dawns on me; “hey, this might be good fodder for record store credit!”

I ask the supervisor at the checkout what she would take for the whole lot. Without missing a beat she says “$20”. Sold! Then, she turns to a young volunteer at her side and says; “go out back and get that other shopping cart of records for this gentleman.” Bonus! Two shopping carts of 45s for a single $20 bill.

Today we took what we wanted, boxed the rest up and traded them in for a cool $40 at the local record store Groove Merchants.


There is a local street fair in this neighborhood this weekend. He’s planning on selling these things four for $1 or some such thing. I made out OK, I hope he makes a mint and I hope that whoever comes across these and loads up for their jukebox is happy. A win, win, win… that’s what it is all about!

2 thoughts on “August 8

  1. No, never, ick!! There’s a huge collector’s market for ’45’s in Tacoma and they can keep them all. I’d never listen to them! They’re too hard to store. They’re singles. That means some corporate weasel has decided they’re good and the rest of the songs on an LP aren’t. Everything I hate. You are a brave soul sir. May your undirty your hands of them soon.


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