August 13

August 13

Happy Vinyl Record Day! Yes, the people who dedicate each and every day to something have deemed today as Vinyl Record Day. It falls between Garage Sale Day (August 8) and Thrift Shop Day (August 17) so I guess it’s fitting. August is also designated Golf Month, which makes no sense to me… who has time to golf when there is so much vinyl to be garage saled and thrift stored?

Case in point. My latest vinyl obsession has nothing at all to do with the music contained within the vinyl grooves and everything to do with the groovy covers on many records.

I’m not talking the super-cool rock album covers that my friends and I would spend hours dissecting, searching for The Meaning in the cover of Abbey Road, The Velvet Underground or Houses of the Holy:


These are the Kitschy, Kooky, Cool covers of the 50s and 60s that promise to deliver more than just music! My first foray into this album art was detailed in this blog.

Since then my Kitschy cover collection has grown to nearly 50 records. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Jimmy Rowles Sextet ‎– Let’s Get Acquainted With Jazz …For People Who Hate Jazz!

Silvio Mazzucca ‎– Baile Latino (Let’s Dance Latin)

Tino La Tino And His Orchestra ‎– La Tino Cha Cha Cha

Stanley Black And His Latin Rhythm ‎– For Latin Lovers

My favorite new acquisition (and probably the only one of these selections with any real musical and/or historical significance:

Bill Justis ‎– Raunchy & Other Great Instrumentals

And probably the most common of the genre:

Herb Alpert’s Tijuana Brass ‎– Whipped Cream & Other Delights

Perhaps I should have waited for August 24th, International Strange Music Day, for this post? Maybe, but spending an afternoon cleaning and cataloging these finds pushed me over the edge somehow. Whatever! I love my Cool, Kooky and Kitschy covered records!

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