August 14

Happy Fleetwood Mac Friday!

Today’s selection is the eponymous Fleetwood Mac:

…no, no! Not THAT eponymous Fleetwood Mac, the other one:

…1975s release that first featured Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks
with the band.

Although they had no way to know this in 1975, these guys were on the
verge of super-stardom…

The band had relocated to L.A. the year before to better manage their
affairs. After their previous album, Heroes Are Hard to Find, and an
associated tour, guitarist Bob Welch decided to leave the band for
greener pastures. Fleetwood, in search of a replacement, heard the
Buckingham Nicks record and determined to hire Buckingham to replace
Welch. Buckingham wouldn’t come without Nicks, which seems crazy cause
they were both still holding down day jobs to stay afloat. But it
finally came together and the 10th iteration of the band was born.

Fleetwood Mac was not an immediate success, but the band toured hard and
people took notice. After a year-and-a-half, the record reached #1 on
the U.S. charts.

It’s a good record. I think of it as a companion to Rumors, as they
sound similar to my ear. Many of the Buckingham Nicks era tunes landed
here and the gel between that duo and Christine McVie feels right.

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