August 15

I never really paid solo Michael Jackson no nevermind. I kind of grew up with him as the kid singer in the Jackson 5. I really loved the Saturday morning animated Jackson 5ive and Osmonds TV show in the early 70s:

But as a solo artist he didn’t really do anything for me. I’m sure it was more me than him… I was trying to be a hard rock or heavy metal kid and liking a dancing pop star seemed antithetic to that endeavor. My wife, on the other hand, loves her some Michael Jackson, and they managed to moonwalk their way into my heart.

They had a clean looking copy of 1987s Bad at the record store today:

Along with my warped thrift store version of Off The Wall and her picture disk copy of Thriller, this addition to The Collection completes the search for this Quincy Jones era MJ vinyl.

Let the moonwalking commence!

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