August 21

So, a new one for me. A month ago I saw a craigslist posting for vinyl records that would be available at a yard sale that weekend. Alas, working a job took precedence so I missed out. But I did reply to the post via craigslist email and said that if there were any records left over I’d be interested.

Never heard a thing… until today. I opened my email and there was a message via the craigslist server saying that there were some records available, they listed a few titles, and said they were $1 each.

Phone numbers were exchanged, a meeting was set and:


Boom! An odd stack of vinyl jazz followed me home! Jonah Jones, Duke Ellington, Mahalia Jackson, Ramsey Lewis… of the 10 records I bought, six cleaned up nicely and play well… four others were too noisy when played so didn’t make the cut.

Will this become a new routine with me? Doubtful, but if the score were guaranteed to be this good every time I might reconsider!

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