August 22

Sometimes you just need a little ear candy. Just some tunes to play in the background while enjoying drinks on the deck with friends. When the vibe is right for some fun and light music I will often dip into the world’s largest collection of K-Tel records… mine!


Today was just such a day. Recuperating from the weekend’s festivities, a little hair-of-the-dog in hand, I asked a friend to pick something, anything, out of The Collection. She went straight past all this great and important music I’ve been working so hard to collect and right into the candy jar.

She was a little wide eyed when she came across this collection from 1979… “We had this when I was a kid!” she said excitedly!

ABBA, Hall and Oats, Alan O’Day, Kiss… superstars, has beens, never was-ers. We listen on lo-fi for most of the afternoon.

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