August 23

My introduction to progressive rock came in the form of a blasted boom-box from the backseat of my car in the summer of 1981. I was working as a trap set at the local gun club and had gone around early to pick up a few of my buddies who were also working this job weekends that summer.

One of them had a battery powered stereo with a cassette of the new Rush album, Moving Pictures playing:

As my ears tended toward hard rock and pop of the day, the addition of synthesizers to a rock track was not unheard of, but the complexity of the songs on this record was totally new to me. This was the genesis of my digging around into earlier progressive or prog rock bands… but, so far, none have taken seed.

My copy of Moving Pictures was a nearly unplayable relic from the local record store, visited dirty, sweaty, cash paid and exhausted from my work that day. I went straight to that store, the Morse code of YYZ playing in my head; DA da DA DA DA da DA DA DA DA da da

Today I welcomed a new, scratchless and clean copy of Moving Pictures into The Collection. Side A of this record contains three of the bands biggest hits, Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta        and Limelight… but it was the side B tracks, familiar but overlooked, that are ringing in my head now.

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