August 25

Happy Birthday Declan Patrick MacManus (A.K.A Elvis Costello)!

I’m an Elvis Costello fan, but more of a “greatest hits” type fan. The Saturday Night Live controversy, I saw as a kid, did affect me. It showed me that artistry must take precedence over commercialism… and I still feel that your represent that ethos today. Here’s my blog about that event:

My CD/cassette collection of your music was growing (Some Girls, the Burt Bacharach album, etc)… but my vinyl collection of your stuff is cool but limited:


My Aim Is True (1978), Armed Forces (1979), Get Happy! (1980) and Punch The Clock (1983).

I have to say, if you want poignant, hooky, smart, sarcastic and funny music in your life, you can’t go wrong with any of these records. So which is my favorite?

I love the rawness and grit of My Aim Is True, the hits and familiarity of Armed Forces, the pristine-ness* of Get Happy! and the beauty of recording of Punch The Clock.

If I had to pull one of these to listen to on your birthday? It’d have to be the beautiful recording of Punch The Clock… truly a gorgeous sounding piece of PVC.

Anyway, happy 61st birthday and best wishes to your lovely wife Diana Krall.


*I found a still sealed copy and haven’t been brave enough to open it!

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