August 30

Even a blind pig finds an acorn every now and again.

Take my latest thrift store find, From Here to Eternity – Giorgio:

I bought this 1977 release on a lark. I had no idea who Giorgio is? But the cover photo! The perm, the glasses, that stache! It looked like a movie poster for Larry the Lounge Lizard meets The Terminator!

The sleeve is a bit worn, but has a disclaimer in the credits that “only electronic keyboards were used in the making of this album”, sweet! The vinyl was in excellent shape and, for $0.50, I figured it’d be worth it for a laugh…

Just look at that stache!

Home and cleaned up the album was pure synth- disco with sparse, robotic, vocals assumed to be Giorgio… or his ‘stache!

Little did I know the mustachioed, mysterious, mononymous Giorgio was Giorgio Moroder, the brain trust behind a slug of those awesome Donna Summer tracks from the late ‘70s, numerous soundtracks and the founder of Musicland Studios in Munich.

Notable only for their names (since this record sounds like one long single song) are the tracks First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love, I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone and (my favorite) Utopia – Me Giorgio.

Played in the company of others, this thing is like dance crack… it is irresistible and infectious. Spun several times over a three day period, my wife finally announced that this may be her favorite record I’ve ever thrifted!

I guess I’ll need to start working on my ‘stache?

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