September 3

Sameness can become comfortable and boring, even if it consists of heavy guitar and screaming vocals. My early 80s taste in music trended toward AC/DC, Rush and The Scorpions… with a little skinny tie New Wave and
singer/songwriter stuff thrown in for good measure.

Even through this booming din the arrival of The Stray Cats on the scene caught my attention like someone cool breaking a window:

The old is new again composition of this band really interested me. Having never known the Sun era rockabilly bands of that era, The Stray Cats had me looking backwards trying to see where this stuff came from.

It seemed full circle for the day. Black R&B informs Elvis who is emulated by the Beatles of Hamburg who launch a thousand ships westward. The whole thing becomes self indulgent and lazy, Punk kills the dinosaurs, lays waste to the land and Brian Setzer is Gene Vincent reincarnate.

My copy of Built For Speed plays VG+. The recording suffers from poor-ish production (I assume mixed to suit the radio and car cassette market above the hi-fi crowd). But, the performance captured is raw and fun and alive… booming double-bass, snare drum and Gretsch.

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