September 9

50 years ago today, the US newspaper The Hollywood reporter ran the following advertisement; ‘Madness folk & roll musicians, singers wanted for acting roles in new TV show. Parts for 4 insane boys.’ The Monkees were born.

Seems like a good day to bust out the Monkees records give them a good spit shine and relive my youth.


Here I have all five of their studio albums plus a greatest hits-ish picture disc.

In 1970 or so I inherited most of these from my older sister, after they became uncool. Unfortunately my misuse on top of her previous misuse rendered them all unplayable and they became frisbees in the backyard.

The Monkees enjoyed the renaissance of sorts in the MTV error and it reminded me how much I loved these records. The local record stores were well stocked with scuffed and scratchy but still playable copies and that’s where these all came from.

I actually had several versions of most of these and part of the cleaning process was to select the best ones to keep in The Collection and trade the rest in for record store credit.

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