September 12

My latest James Brown listening session got me digging into some of the other fifties and sixties soul vocalist I have in the collection.


I found the gem in a thrift store a few months back. I’ve gotten to the point where I can kind of judge a book by its cover. I knew this record was going to be special but I didn’t know how much I was going to enjoy it.

Lloyd Price has an interesting history. He was discovered in New Orleans where his song Lawdy Miss Clawdy had become a regional hit. A record producer hired a band (including Fats Domino on piano) and released some records on the Specialty label.

Price was drafted and ended up in Korea but he was able to head up and Army Band for his time in the service.

When he returned to New Orleans after discharge he found that his band had replaced him with Little Richard so he struck out on his own.

The record The Exciting Lloyd Price is on the ABC Paramount label. It’s a great fifties vocal record with the hits Stagger Lee and the rereleased Lawdy Miss Clawdy. Price’s vocals are strong and sure and very pleasing, and his backup singers and backup band are tight unit… making for a great playing record.

Price released several albums during the sixties and continued to tour and have his records released for decades after. He had his own record label for a while (breaking Wilson Picket), move to the New York area and opened a nightclub, promoted fights alongside Don King and became a real estate mogul.

He still alive and his entrepreneurship continues. He is the owner of a food company which makes southern style recipes.

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