September 18

Happy Fleetwood Mac Friday everybody!

For today’s selection we will delve into the Stevie Nicks solo Pantheon with her second album The Wild Heart:

This record has a couple of FM radio hits on it including If Anyone Falls and Stand Back. And also as another duet with Tom Petty called I Will Run To You.

But, what I was more interested in was the filler between these hit songs on the album, is this album anything special to listen to outside these hits?

A little background, this record was released in June of 1983. That placed it just after the Fleetwood Mac Mirage record and also after Nicks’ super breakout solo record Bella Donna:

Now, Bella Donna was a number one record with several notable hit songs. It was also almost completely written or co-written by Nicks herself.

The Wild Heart follows suit with six of the 10 tracks written by Nicks. It’s also notable for its inclusion of many famous guest artists including Tom Petty, Prince, the Heartbreakers and members of Toto and The Eagles.

What I’ll say about this record, apart from the songs that everybody knows, is it sounds like Fleetwood Mac would sound without Lindsey Buckingham’s odd influence. It’s not bad, it’s not great. It’s not Behind The Mask, it’s just… an OK soft rock record.

The non-hit stand out tracks were Sable On Blonde, which included Mick Fleetwood, and the final track Beauty And The Beast which my wife liked it very much.

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