September 22

So, here I sit on the eve of my final 100 days of Mark’s 365 Days Of Music.

I hatched this plan on New Year’s Day 2015 with the goal of celebrating  my 50th year on this planet by reconnecting with much of the music that I’ve loved throughout my life on the format that I enjoy the most. I also figured I would explore some new music (new to me anyway) along the way.

The Collection is galvanizing around some of my favorite artists, as I knew it would. But it’s also evolved in some interesting and unexpected ways:

For instance, my assortment of jazz records has grown exponentially. Of all the new music that I’ve been encountering, the classic jazz, Fusion, and smooth jazz records I’ve acquired have been among the most enjoyable records I have listened to.

The other area of collection that has grown exponentially is the easy listening section.  From Herb Alpert to Xavier Cugat and everything in between. Kooky, kitschy and kool, hep cat… kool!

My Willie Nelson collection has grown from three or four records to near 30!

It’s been a little overwhelming. For awhile there I was in a great groove of digging in dusty, musty crates of thrift store records for buried treasure. Don’t get me wrong, I managed to find a few gems! But mostly I just added to the barely playable secondhand records of my youth.

I’ve also I’ve also netted several hundred records from friends and relatives who donated to the cause, and I’ve learned how to sniff out huge lots of records from unexpected locations. Just today I came home with another box of 150 albums for a whopping $5 bill.

I still have a few goals that I’d like to accomplish by the end of the year. A few holes in favored artists discographies for The Collection, a few Holy Grail records that may have to be purchased online, and some other experiences I hope to have revolving around at 33 1/3 RPM.

But mostly I’m satisfied with where this project came from and where it seems to be headed. I’m grateful for my new found friends here on WordPress, and for my friends here in the real world who I have been able to share some of my favorite recordings with.

Thank you all for your wisdom and encouragement. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go spin a record!

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