September 24

So, I had to go back.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the local Value Village thrift store in Spokane Valley. This spot had never really produced any meaningful additions to The Collection. But that day, interspersed with the Andy Williams and Mitch Mitchell garbage… were a few sixties and seventies pop classics.

I had hope! I pawed my way through dusty and musty copies of Zorba the Greek and Doctor Zhivago and then there it was!

A record sleeve that has eluded me my whole life! Seemingly handwritten liner notes and track listings and pictures of Keith and Mick and the rest of the Rolling Stones. I had found a copy of Exile On Main Street!

The item with my preferred blog heroin.

The item with my preferred blog heroin.

To be exact I had found a record sleeve of sides three and four of the Exile On Main Street double album. The rest of the record must be close by, right?. I mean, who in their right mind would dissect a double album gatefold of such import before they donated it to Value Village?

“Hey, I really like sides 1 & 2 of this record, but sides 2 & 3 are complete crap! I’m going to downsize by donating this crap side to Value Village whilst keeping side 1 & 2 handy!” – Nobody

I stopped, I caught my breath, I plowed on ahead through the remainder of that musty dusty garbage!

It had to be here, didn’t it? I went backwards, I went forwards, I went up, I went down, I looked in the nearby book section, in the nearby picture section, it had to be here somewhere!

When all of the non-stones (see what I did there ;)) were turned I took my jacketless orphan to the Employees Only section. I sheepishly knocked and stuck my head in to the forbidden area… “Do you have any more vinyl records back here?” A nice young lady who was sorting through grandma panties and fondue sets said, “I’m sure there are more on the bottom of this cart”… that was inconveniently stacked 6 feet high with Jackie Collins and Dean Koontz books. “They will be going out sometime within the next day or two”, she said.

Defeated, I took my orphan and left the building, vowing to return to set this injustice right!

Today was the day. I made the trek back out to the Spokane Valley Value Village and I set about thumbing through all the horrible Firestone Christmas records, the Barbra Streisand, and we 101 Strings to find my lost soul mate.

There were a few records from the correct era; at the Box Tops, the Guess Who, The Mamas and the Papas. But no Exile On Main Street side 1 & 2 or album jacket.

Someday, maybe someday I will find a copy of Exile On Main Street. Until then I will be happy with side 3 & 4 album that I managed to own.

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