September 29

From the Lightning Does Strike Twice Department: thrift store twice thrifted treasures, volume 4!


Paul McCartney’s Choba B CCCP album (also known as the Russian album). The title translates to Back In The USSR.

These are both on the Russian Melodiya (Μелодия) records label and we’re obviously owned by the same person and donated to the same thrift store sometime before I came along.

This 1989 release was recorded specifically for fans in the former Soviet Union as a gift from Sir Paul. Seems that fans there could not obtain Western recordings easily and had to rely on copies and bootlegs. McCartney thought that releasing this record only in the Soviet Union would be a nice gesture.

The thing It is 13 tracks of rock and roll standards and jazz standards like Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, That’s Alright Mama, Summertime and Midnight Special.

Surprisingly they don’t have a great resale value! I was expecting this to be quite rare here in the states, especially in the rural western US, but apparently it is common on the used record market.

It appears one of mine has been played, owing to the spindle marks on side one, but the other appears to be new. I’ll add the better of the two to The Collection and trade the lesser in for record store credit.

7 thoughts on “September 29

    1. According to Discogs, THe Collection is worth Minimum: $2,892.24 Median: $5,701.90 Maximum: $13,677.56. So, I can rest easy that my family will be well taken care of in the event of my untimely demise…

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      1. I daren’t even think about values, Mrs 1537 would have my brakes done in no time flat!

        I’ve told my kids they’re more than free to sell all my life’s work, I’d hate to burden someone with something that’ll eat a room of their house (even if they wanted them) but to make sure they get a damned good price for it.

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    1. I was surprised too. The used record store I traded it in to had a couple already in the bin.

      The Collection has grown exponentially this year. I’m actually having to wean myself off of dragging home so much used stuff because I don’t have anyplace to put anything else!

      I still got 3 months to put everything right though, so wish me luck!


      1. You definitely have it. My collection has more than doubled since February, and is testing my ability to properly manage it. But I sure am enjoying the heck out of it.


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