October 3

From the Lightning Strikes Twice Department volume 5:


Jazz Samba, the 1962 album by Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd.

This is another beautiful example of vinyl record technology on the Verve label.

This record is widely credited as the vehicle that brought the Bossa Nova music craze to the masses here in the US. Although not as well known as the Getz/Gilberto album that followed, this record topped musical charts and included a couple of well known hit songs in its own right.

Most notably are the opening tracks on side number one side number two, both written by composer Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Side one opens with Desifinado (translation: slightly out of tune). Side two opens with Samba de Uma Nota Só, which translates to one note samba.

I found these records nearly side by side in a local thrift store. Both stereo versions of the album. Unfortunately one was fairly heavily damaged, but playable. The other is in very good or better condition.

I know I’m 50 years late to this Jazz Samba party, but I’m glad I finally stumbled in!

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