October 7

Thanks to getting the word out loud and often, one of my record scrounging friends managed to find me the third Journey record, the one I have been looking for forever:

The 1977 final Steve Perry-less record Next, thank you Lance.

This record seems to point backwards and forwards at the same time. It harkens to the very first Journey record with its progressive elements, and also points forward towards the hard rock / pop rock that we would all come to know and love in the later seventies, eighties and beyond.

The record starts off with the only single released from the record, a dopey paean to hang gliding called simply Spaceman.

Things get better after that with a couple of good rockers… but the real fireworks begin on side two with the heavy, misogynistic Hustler opening. Instrumental Nickel And Dime (which was the B side to the single) is progressive and almost Rush like… very Limelight-ish, this one.

I know that Neil Schon, Aynsley Dunbar and Ross Valory all took singing lessons prior to this record coming out to help backup Greg Rolie. Schon even took over lead vocal duties on two of the songs although I couldn’t tell which ones! Liner notes tell me that he sang the song I Would Find You on side one and the final song, on side two.

It seems like Schon must have taken vocal lessons from Greg Rolie!

For my money this is the best of the three pre Steve Perry Journey records. I don’t think anyone who wants a good prog light album would find too much not to like here.

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