October 10

So this happens when you let your wife pick the record:

The debut album from Skid Row released in 1989.

I remember when this album first hit the airwaves. I was stationed overseas and relied on repackaged MTV shows broadcast late nights on the Armed Forces Network and also Armed Forces Radio which played everything from Garth Brooks through Taylor Dayne and on into harder things like Metallica and Skid Row.

I remember being very impressed by the vocalist, Sebastian Bach… particularly on the power ballad I Remember You:

This vocal recording has to be in my top 10 rock vocals of all time. He just nails it from start to finish, I can’t imagine it getting much better than it is.

Actually, the rest of the record was pretty good as well! There were two other singles included, 18 and Life and Youth Gone Wild.

Almost all of the songs were written by the bass player Rachel Bolan and the guitar player Dave Sabo.

Skid Row was touring this summer, and actually went to one of our favorite venues in Montana. We opted not to go to the three day festival… but it turns out that the band is touring with out vocalist Sebastian Bach so it would have been a let down anyway.

Good pic honey, I really enjoyed listening to this with you!

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